Word Frequency Analysis

Use of Word Frequency Analysis
COI Dissertations at a Glance

Word frequency analysis, which provides a list of the words that occur in a text and the number of times they occur, might be the simplest form of content analysis but a commonly employed one.

We examined doctoral dissertations awarded from the College of Information, University of North Texas, from 2000 to 2013, to determine research patterns and trends. A total of 134 dissertations were examined in terms of their titles, research designs, subjects, and data collection/analysis method. As shown in Figure 1, a word cloud was created to visually display the frequency of words used in the titles of dissertations.



Figure 1 Word Cloud



Figure 2 Research Cluster by Word Similarity


Then a cluster analysis based on word similarity using NVivo was performed (see Figure 2). More information on how to run a word frequency query and create a cluster analysis diagram can be found in NVivo's online documentation website.

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Figure 3 An Overview of COI Dissertations


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